Try These Things To Repair Your Financial Situation Before You Seek A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Being in the midst of what seems like endless financial crises in your life can be an enormous weight to bear. You may not see any way out of the financial problems you're having right now and want to file a chapter 7 bankruptcy. However, before starting down that path, there may be other choices out there for you. Try these ideas before moving forward with a bankruptcy.

Call Creditors

It may be scary to think of calling up companies that you owe hundreds or thousands of dollars to. However, in some cases, companies may be able to discuss deferred payments, payment plans, support agencies and other ways that you might be able to satisfy your debt. If you are able to work out arrangements with some creditors, you might be able to right your financial ship.

Be Honest with Those You Know

Sometimes, the biggest burden that financially-strapped people have is that no one knows about the problem. If your best friend keeps suggest meeting out for drinks or going out to enjoy nightlife, it may be best to simply admit that money is tight. If your family seems upset that you can't make it to their house for the holidays, explain that you can't afford to travel.

Such admissions can be cathartic and you might be surprised at the depth of sympathy and empathy that your loved ones have for you. They may give you some money or provide information that can help solve some of your money woes. 

Look for Extra Ways You Can Earn Money

Having difficulty with bills can sometimes be alleviated with more money flowing into your home. However, if you're already at work all day, it might not seem possible to pick up another job, especially if you have children that you need to look after.

Luckily, there may be some ways that you can earn some money by selling off old clothing or offering different services to people in the neighborhood. You can do some landscaping, run errands or walk dogs for your neighbors. If you have some professional expertise you can offer local organizations or companies, such as writing skills or fixing computers, that could bring in extra dollars as well.

Once you've worked your way through each of these suggestions, you might still be unsure about your financial future. Speaking with a local bankruptcy lawyer might give you more insight about whether a chapter 7 bankruptcy is appropriate in your case. For more information, contact a business such as E.J. Hagan Associates P.C.